Bocchette Alte & Bocchette Centrali

Brenta’s crossing

We dive in the heart of the Brenta massif, following the route of the famous Via delle Bocchette, known as “the greatest via ferrata in the world”, and many other spectacular via ferrata routes twisting and turning in this labyrinth of peaks and walls.

€ 230


3 or 5 days




Min. 2 max. 6


from June to September

The Via Ferratas in the Brenta group are often very exposed and equipped with several vertical ladders. It’s important not to suffer vertigo. The Vie Ferrate Bocchette Alte & Centrali are not particularly demanding but they both require good level fitness and endurance, to substain the length of these routes.

The Brenta ring

The laying of this path began in 1936, thanks to the Trentino Mountaineering Society (SAT), with the aim to facilitate the connection of the huts located in the Brenta massif. The Bocchette centrali (middle), start from Bocca di Brenta (2552 m) and lead to Bocca dei Armi (2749 m). They are considered easier than the Bocchette Alte (high), even though they are very exposed. They twist and turn under the spectacular peaks of Brenta alta, Campanil Basso, Campanil Alto, Torre delgli Sfulmini and Torre di Brenta.
The Bocchette Alte, harder and more exposed than the Centrali, reach different summits such as Cima Molveno, the Spallone dei Massodi and Cima Brenta, joining the Bocca dei Armi (2749 m) with Bocca di Tuckett (2464 m).

Short route (3 days):

Day 1: We depart Madonna di Campiglio with a cable-car lift to Rifugio Stoppani. We then cross the Grostè area along the Benini equipped path in order to reach Bocca di Tukett and descent to Rifugio Tukett.

Day 2: from Rifugio Tukett we head for the Bocchette Alte, crossing the imposing Estern side of Cima Brenta, and descend to Rifugio Alimonta.

Day 3: From Rifugio Alimonta we hike towards the Bocchette Centrali, passing through the pinnacles of Sfulmini and hiking under the beautiful Campanil Basso in order to reach Rifugio Pedrotti alla Tosa. From here we descend to Madonna di Campiglio (3 days) or we continue into Val d’Ambiez along the Brentari path and we descend to Rifugio Agostini (5 days).

Long route (5 days)

Day 4: from Rifugio Agostini we take the equipped path Castiglioni to Rifugio XII Apostoli, and descent on the Vedretta dei Camosci, circling the impressive bulk of the Crozon di Brenta to reach Rifugio Brentei.

Day 5: from Rifugio Brentei we hike along the path to Rifugio Graffer (on request we can tackle the equipped SOSAT path) and descent to Madonna di Campiglio.

*Day 6 optional: on request it is possible to spend the night at Rifugio Graffer. The following day we hike on the beautiful Costanzi path to Rifugio M.Peler, and transfer back to Madonna di Campiglio.

Costs conditions and materials

Each Guide can take a maximum of 6 people. Price details:

For the 3 days itinerary/for the 5 days itinerary

  • 2 participants – €480 per person/ €790 per person
  • 3-4 participants – €350 per person/ €590 per person
  • 5-6 participants – €230 per person/ €390 per person
  • Option to extend to 6 day - €320 extra to be divided between participants.

Included in the fee: the Guide service, the rental of technical equipment necessary for the activity, and if required the transfer from Sarche to Madonna di Campiglio.

Not included in the fee: The Guide travel expenses and general expenses, Accommodation in Rifugio (approx €50 per person per night), personal expenses, bus and cable-car tickets if necessary, and anything not mentioned in "included".

Equipment provided by Mountime: harness, helmet, Via Ferrata set.

Personal equipment required: layered sportswear, warm windproof jacket, gloves and hat, trekking boots, backpack with personal items, water and energy snacks. Additional water and snacks can be purchased at each Rifugio.