Rio Nero complete

The Rio Nero complete canyoning it’s the longer and harder of the area and to engage it are necessary experience and phisycal training. With it’s 25 waterfalls, descend this river is one of the most incredible adventures you can have! A majestic environment through deep gorges and resounding waterfalls, discovering water’s work in centuries, where this adventure never ends to give us new emotions.

€ 120


Full day

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Rio Nero complete



Min. 2 max. 4


from April to October

Participants must be moderately fit and in good health. It's necessary to declare all medical issues when booking and to the guide before the beginning of the activity. The guide's knowledge of any health issue it's important for your safety and the safety of others.

Jumps are optional, participants can always decide if they want to jump or if they prefer to be abseiled by the Guide.For participants security it will not be possible to make jumps higher than 6 meters.

According on water conditions of the day the Guide can decide for security reasons to change the destination on another river, with same duration and difficulty.

Rio Nero complete itinerary.

“Rio Nero complete” starting point is located in Passo Tremalzo, above Passo d’Ampola, starting point of the classic canyoning on the Rio Nero. Worn the equipment the Mountain Guides will make a short but detailed briefing to explain the activity, the rules and the behaviors to keep.

The first approach with the river is quite soft, walking on the pebbly riverbed, but in short time the slope of the river changes. A sequence of waterfalls bring in the deep hart of the gorge characteristic of the Rio Nero canyoning. In the canyon alternate deep dug parts, where the few light filtered through the trees foliage over standing the gorge it’s just enough to light the way, and opened parts where sunbeams create incredible trick of the light which exalt the limpid and crystalline water of this river.

After another walk in the river bed we join the lower part of the river, more known.
We soon meet an adrenaline slide that welcomes us, followed from other jumps and abseils. A succession of jumps, slides, abseils and walks in the pebbly riverbed alternate adrenalin and relax during progression.

The final part of the Rio Nero canyon is characterized by 2 waterfalls in the void that will be over passed with two long abseils, ending in this way an adventure in a wonderful place.
Descend all this canyon is probably one of the most fascinating experiences you can try. Suitable for who is already experienced in canyoning.

Costs conditions and materials

Each Guide can take care of maximum 4 people.

Included in the fee: the Guide service, the technical equipment hire necessary for the activity and the transfer from Arco to the river.

Not included in the fee: All not specified in "included".

Equipment provided by Mountime: neoprene wet suit and socks, harness, helmet and ferrata set.

Personal equipment: Closed sport shoes to use in the river, swimsuit, towel, dry clothes to wear after the canyon.