Deep gorges dug in the rocks by the water’s flow, this is the beautiful environment you’ll find. We will descend through these gorges part on foot, sliding, jumping and abseiling with the help of the rope.

Despite the English name, the history of canyoning begins in Europe at the end of the nineteenth century, as a scientific-exploratory activity. Only after the 70’s it is practiced as a sport and since then it has gained popularity among adventure seekers wanting to tackle gorges of various difficulties in spectacular locations.

There are several rivers and gorges nested in the mountains around Lake Garda known all over Europe for they’re beauty. Long breath-taking slides, jumps in crystal clear pools, abseiling in beautiful waterfalls.. all of this should be expected when embarking on a canyoning excursion, which will provide great fun for beginners, experienced, and for the whole family. Bring a good dose of enthusiasm while your guide will take care of the rest!

Our qualified Mountain Guides organize regular half-day trips to Rio Nero, Palvico and Tignale Half. There are also itineraries for families, have a look at our “Family canyoning” page.

If you have previous experience and want to try something more demanding, a thrilling full day experience on challenging terrain, we have what you are looking for: the Rio Nero complete!