Deep gorges dug in the rocks by the water’s flow, this is the beautiful environment you’ll find. We will descend through them walking, sliding, jumping and abseiling with the rope.

Despite the English name, canyoning history begins in Europe at the end of the nineteenth century, as a scientific- exploratory activity. Only after the 70’s it ‘s practiced as a sport. Now it’s famous in all Europe, and there are several beautiful rivers in the Garda area where it’s possible to try the canyoning. Long breathtaking slides, jumps in crystal clear water pools, abseiling in beautiful waterfalls… big emotions in environments where nature is extraordinary!

We have the luck to find different great canyons in few kilometers ray, known all over Europe for they’re beauty. We suggest Rio Nero for who try this sport for the first time or have a little experience: medium level, exciting and very funny! Also the Palvico river it’s a good choice for beginners, so as the Tignale Half. This activities takes a half day and is certain you will have fun!!

There are also itineraries for families, so you can also have fun with your kid with our offer “Family canyoning”.

If you are an experienced and you want to try something more demanding, a strong experience, we have what you are looking for: the Rio Nero complete!