Canyon Palvico

For sure one of the greatest canyon of the area, with it’s characteristic gorge at the beginning, the 10 m slide and the final 50 m abseil. Very aquatic and particular, perfect for beginners, and for all who want to approach this activity, discovering step by step a great environment.

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Half day

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Canyon Palvico



Min. 3


from April to October

Participants must be moderately fit and in good health. It's necessary to declare all medical issues when booking and to the guide before the beginning of the activity. The guide's knowledge of any health issue it's important for your safety and the safety of others.

Jumps are optional, participants can always decide if they want to jump or if they prefer to be abseiled by the Guide. For participants security it will not be possible to make jumps higher than 6 meters.

According on water conditions of the day the Guide can decide for security reasons to change the destination on another river, with same duration and difficulty.

Palvico's itinerary

The starting point is on the road that runs from Passo d’Ampola to Storo. Just after the pass, in a lay-by, we wear neoprene wet suit and socks, gym shoes, harness and helmet. We right away enter in the water and in a fresh pool the Mountain Guides will make a short but detailed briefing to explain the activity, the rules and the behaviors to keep.

The first part of the canyon is very soft: we walk in the pebbly riverbed, we have small jumps, sometimes we climb down from small stones and we have short abseils on small slides, for a first approach with the river.

The gorge becomes gradually narrower and the light reduces, and the limpid blue and green color of the water stand out. The side walls are high and we swim, cradled by the water flow, in crystal water hallways.

The descent get's adrenaline filled when the canyon change it’s slope and we find a spectacular toboga: a rocky slide polished by the water course. A slide ending with an amazing jump in a natural pool inside a half cave.

Some more jumps and we reach the lower part of the canyon: more deep in the high rocky walls of the gorge. The environment it’s incredible: we pass through rooms excavated in the rocks from the water flow, with pools lighted from a low light that filter from the foliage of the trees over standing the gorge, making unique trick of light and shadow. With a last narrow passage we reach the last abseil: a 50 m waterfall ending in a small lake where relax under the sun and have a final bath.

Costs conditions and materials

Each Guide can take care of maximum 8 people.

Included in the fee: the Guide service, the technical equipment hire necessary for the activity and the transfer from Arco to the river.

Not included in the fee: All not specified in "included".

Equipment provided by Mountime: neoprene wet suit and socks, harness, helmet and ferrata set.

Personal equipment: Closed sport shoes to use in the river, swimsuit, towel, dry clothes to wear after the canyon.