Ice Climbing

Discover the world of Ice Climbing

A massive flow or a thin veil of ice over the rock, candles touching the ground or random pinnacles ... these are commonly called ice falls.

The combination of autumn rainfall and intense cold generates real works of art. Never equal to the formation of the previous year, icefalls come in the most diverse forms: from compact structures in which the ice ax must be planted with a good dose of strength, to thin layers where the peck must be gently placed. Climbing frozen waterfalls is undeniably an alternative winter activity, born in the mid-70s and practiced nowadays as a sport in all due respect.

The routes covered can be of pure ice, mixed with rock passages (always overcome with an ice ax and crampons) or without ice, known as Dry Tooling.

From December to February our Guides organizes daily introductory courses and multi-day comprehensive courses. If Ice Climbing is your next challenge contact us to find out the next available course. In the meantime have a look at this beautiful video shot in Val Daone by our guides.

  • Befana Frigida

    One day introduction to Ice Climbing

  • Ice Climbing Basic Course

    3 days of full immersion on the most beautiful ice falls in Trentino and beyond.