Rock Climbing Experience

Two climbing lessons in different environments but complementary to facilitate the learning of this sport.

€ 82


2 hours + half day




Min. 3 max. 6


Tutto l'anno

Our Rock Climbing Experience is a basic climbing course concentrated in two lessons: the first one on the artificial wall of the Rock Master climbing stadium in Arco, and the second one on a real rock-wall

The lesson will be tailored to the ability of participants, also taking into consideration previous experiences. The correct guidance, competence and professionalism of your guide will give you the chance to rapidly learn the main rules of this sport.

The Rock climbing experience

The first part of the lesson involves two hours at the Rock Master climbing stadium in Arco. We will help you to familiarise and gain confidence with climbing, in a fast and intuitive way. You will learn the essential notions of progression, the use of security devices and the basic knots.

Our philosophy is “more practice, less theory”; our lessons are fast-paced, fun and active for all. Your Guide will explain the fundamental notions and safety aspects of this sport before moving onto the practical side, let's get active!

The second part of the course takes place in a selected outdoor location. From the Rock Master climbing stadium we will reach one of the wonderful limestone crags typical of the Sarca valley, where participants will test their newly acquired skills on natural walls.
Particular attention will be spent on security aspects: safe maneuvering, belaying and absailing.

Costs conditions and materials

Each Guide can take a maximum of 6 people.

Included in the fee: the Guide service, the rental of technical equipment necessary for the activity and the transfer from Arco to the crag.
Not included in the fee: anything not mentioned in "included". 

Equipment provided by Mountime: harness, helmet and climbing shoes.

Personal equipment: sports clothing, trekking or sport shoes, backpack with water and snacks.