Arco climbing

A rock wall is for some all that matters. Its height is irrelevant, but the desire to reach the top is the essence, motivated only by the challenge with oneself. The mental engagement is at its peak, each step carefully selected, because in the end it’s all about personal satisfaction and nothing more.

The area of Arco and the Sarca Valley is internationally regarded as the ‘climbing mecca’. With its cliffs, crags and limestone walls it offers hundreds of routes of all difficulties, both for those who wish to try this sport for the first time, and for expert climbers who want to challenge themselves.

This is where the history of sport climbing began, in the 80’s, when two mountaineers, Heinz Mariacher and Luisa Lovane accidentally came across a climbing paradise. Followed by Roberto Bassi and Manolo, whom have laid the foundations for a new way of experiencing rock-climbing and inspired thousands of youngsters to follow their footsteps. Thanks to their creativity and tireless drive to find perfection, the summit ceased to be the ultimate goal. The difficulties found in each climb, the challenges faced to overcome apparently impossible routes, the physical and mental engagement to solve strenuous passages became, in the end, the utmost goal. A new conception of sport climbing was engraved in history, opening doors for many eager climbers to follow.

We are passionate about climbing and we just cannot wait to share our passion with you.
Our climbing proposals are tailored to every ability. We welcome families, which we lead on easy and "comfortable" crags; we cater for groups of all ages and abilities, and we also welcome the most demanding climbers looking for multi-pitch routes in Arco and the Sarca Valley, surrounded by stunning 360° panoramas.