Arco climbing

A rocky wall, high or not doesn't matter, and a strong desire to reach the top. A non sense need, motivated only by the need of challenge yourself and from personal satisfaction and nothing more.

Arco’s area is known as the “climbing mecca”. On it’s crags and limestone walls it’s possible to find all difficulty routes, so it’s great for climbers who try for the first time this sport but also for experts who want to improve or challenge themselves.

It’s here where in the 80’s begins the history of sport climbing, when two Mountaineers, Heinz Mariacher and Luisa Iovane, discover this rocky-paradise. With Roberto Bassi and Manolo they lay the ground work for a new way to live the rock. The aim is not more the peak to be reached but the difficulty to be overtaken, the step to solve in free climbing.

Our climbing offers are settled for families, that will be taken in “comfortable” and easy crags, or for groups with different skills that we will bring in crags with routes of different levels. But we offer also multi-pitch routes in the Sarca valley for admire the landscape from a higher poin of view, from the Toblino lake to the Garda lake.