One or more days, to discover the most beautiful mountains of Trentino and the Dolomites. Our guides will be happy to share with you the most beautiful trails from the Brenta to the Lagorai, telling you the history of these mountains, and letting you discover the most evocative views.

Much more than a walk in the mountain, the accompanied tour becomes a lesson during which learn the history of the surrounding mountains. From the geological and natural to the historical and cultural aspect our Guides will satisfy your curiosity with all the information that can interest you. During the evening in the huts they will teach you the excursion planning, the maps reading techniques and GPS use.

Mountime’s offers

Our passion for the mountain and the will to share it becomes different level tours. Exploring the savage Lagorai or through the pinnacles of the Brenta Dolomites, trekking of one, three or five days, or how many you want, discovering nature and the mountains.