UIAGM Mountain Guide

Francesco Salvaterra

Born 11 August 1989 in Rovereto.
Agro-environmental expert (San Michele all'Adige 2009)
Aspiring mountain guide 2014
International mountain guide UIAGM 2018

Eight years into my profession, I look back: dawns full of expectation, fatigue, adrenalin a thousandfold, happiness, patience to the limit, friendships, stress, enough frights to give you a few white hairs, great enthusiasm, peaks dreamt of and then climbed, memorable attempts, beers at the refuge, ascents where you know every step and valleys skied for the first time, sharing.

I consider myself privileged and I love being a guide. It is not just the excuse to spend many days a year in the mountains, the guide has the opportunity to spend special moments with the people he accompanies and teaches.

The base I share with my wife and daughters is Tione di Trento in the Giudicarie valleys; one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Brenta Dolomites, Adamello-Presanella and Sarca Valley are just a stone's throw away. There is no lack of wanderlust, but in the end, the mountains I love most and will never tire of exploring are the ones at home.

Mountime is new to me, and I must thank my friends and now colleagues in the company for welcoming me into this well-established mountaineering school.