UIAGM Mountain Guide

Simone Banal

My name is Simone and I live in Ranzo, a village surrounded by the beauty of the Sarca valley. Since I was a child I have practiced a lot of sports, but after I discovered rock climbing at the age of 16 my life has been turned upside down, nothing done before has given me such enthusiasm.

Rock climbing allowed me to discover the mountain, the great Dolomite rock walls were the scene of many adventures. Now it's all about alternating the summer seasons with their intriguing climbs and sharp ridges, to winter seasons filled with wonderful ski touring or ice falls climbs.

This passion has led me to specialize and become at first a Mountain Guide, and then to obtain the UIAGM-IFMGA Mountain Guide licence; a profession in which I feel fulfilled, through which I find happiness in helping to realize people's dreams. After having worked in Arco for a few years as a Mountain Guide, with five of my great friends whom I have a lot of respect for, we gave birth to MounTime, our group! In a short time we have transformed a project into reality, and a passion for the work of Alpine Guide!