UIAGM Mountain Guide

Marco Pellegrini

My name is Marco Pellegrini, but everyone knows me as "Pelle".
I was born and raised in Tione di Trento, a small village located between the imposing Adamello group and the "dolomia" (a particular limestone typical of the Dolomites), found in the suggestive Brenta Dolomites.

Was it the luck to live here to seed the passion for these mountains, or has this passion always been a part of me? Who knows ... The fact is that, as a child, I spent many afternoons in the woods looking for a tree or a rock to climb and a river to explore. As soon as the snow fell, there I was with a pair of skis on my feet, up and down the small slope near the house. Growing up, my trusted friends became climbing partners and we began to face the real mountains, on rocky walls, sharp ridges, ice falls, snowy slopes, through increasingly challenging itineraries.

Soon, the curiosity to push my limits beyond the local mountains, made me discover the love for travel. As soon as I get the chance, whether it is by plane, ferry or van, I set off to discover new places, looking for new experiences.
After graduating as a surveyor I worked in the office for a few years, but not long after I realized that the office life was not for me. So I decided to enroll the courses to become a Mountain Guide, and after an exciting journey of "study", I reached the much sought-after goal. Now I work as Mountain Guide collaborating with MOUNTIME, who immediately made me feel part of the group.