Aspirante Guida Alpina

Francesco Nardelli

I go by Franz or Eskimo (some may say that it's because I like cold conditions the most...or maybe it's only because of my narrow eyes!)
I grew up in a small village close to Trento. I think I've always had some kind of "call for adventure" which pushed me to the wilderness.

At first it was just exploring the woods around home, but then growing up I needed wider horizons. I traveled, met new people, tried new foods and discovered new cultures.

I wanted to go further, to more and more remote places. I started climbing and ski touring, to fell in love with Alpinism in all of its forms.
I've always enjoyed to share my passion and my experience with my friend, climbing partners, and now that I'm an Alpine Guide with the people I work with too. I think that by sharing the two ends of a rope you can create a special bond.
I've recently started to collaborate with the 'Mountime Group' and I'm grateful and proud to be part of the team!