Guida Alpina

Claudio Migliorini

I'm Claudio, born in 1981 in a small village in the Pianura Padana: “How did this get from the lowlands to the mountains?” That is what everyone asks me! I started climbing for fun in 2008 … since then I haven't been able to stop playing.

My mountaineering activity has always followed the seasons' cycle, trying to savor every moment spent with friends or alone in the mountains.

In my carnet, there are first repetitions, openings, boltings, solos, and speed ascents; in a group or with a trusted climbing partner, but also alone, alone with myself. In short, I like to experience the mountain at 360 degrees in all its facets, in summer and in winter, ranging throughout the entire Alpine arc... I don't miss anything!

Now I work as a Mountain Guide, or rather "I make dreams come true," as a very dear friend says.

"Mountain guide" is an ambition born and slowly grown within me, a bit like a passion for the mountains. Even before realizing it, "going to the mountains" has become normal everyday life, day after day, emotion after emotion, probably without almost knowing where I really wanted to go!

I find myself lucky to be able to fill my backpacks with many different experiences every time!