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uiagmMOUNTIME is the name we gave to our team. We are six professional mountain guides, united by passion and love for our work. We deeply believe in the importance of experience, enthusiasm and friendship; these are the ingredients that build our relationship.

We want to make you feel our passion, bring you into the nature and teach everybody the practice of Alpinism. In this way you can discover and live more concretely the incredible resources the territory gives us; a place were dreams come true. Our competence is the Outdoor; you can always find us, in the summer and winter time, whenever you want to enjoy this wonderful territory.



Stefano Angelini
+39 345 8831824

Hi, my name is Stefano Angelini, and I live in Mori in the Province of Trento. I have been working as a full time professional Mountain Guide for 9 years, and three years ago, together with a group of colleagues and friends, started a new venture by forming the MOUNTiME group.

I discovered climbing at 14 and began my first of many experiences in vertical exploration. Starting from the crag near my home, and then the Sarca Valley, the desire to discover and explore new horizons grew ever stronger. After the rock shoes and chalkbag came mountain boots, crampons, ice axe, and skis, all of which became my companions on unforgettable adventures.

My love for this sector and the appeal of the figure of the Mountain Guide led me to follow the training courses to achieve a professional qualification. I live the mountains to the full, and everything from trekking in Patagonia and Peru to ice climbing in Norway has constantly fuelled my enthusiasm and desire for exploration, an enthusiasm that I feel privileged to pass on to the people who want to transform their dreams into real life adventures.

Arco and the Rock Master climbing centre, where we have our Guides’ Office, is our operative base where we meet our clients and where so many projects are born. If you don’t find me there, I am probably hanging from a rope somewhere checking out some new project!

Simone Banal
+39 336 744251

My name is Simone, and I live in Ranzo, a village immersed in the beauty of the Sarca Valley. Ever since I was a boy I have been keen on sports, but when at 16 I discovered sport climbing, my life was transformed because nothing before had ever inspired me so much.

Through climbing I discovered the mountains, and the big Dolomite walls provided the setting for countless adventures. The captivating rock walls and sharp ridge climbs of the summer season alternated with the fantastic ski tours or icefall climbing of the winter.

This enthusiasm led me to specialize as an Aspirant Mountain Guide and then complete the UIAGM Mountain Guide and Mountaineering Instructors Certificate, a profession in which I feel completely fulfilled, with the enjoyment of helping others to realize their dreams.

After working in Arco for a few years as a Mountain Guide, I sat around a table with 5 of my best and most respected friends and the idea of MounTime emerged and our group was born! We soon transformed the idea into a working reality, founded on our total commitment to Mountain Guiding.

Alessandro Beber
+39 339 4852008

Date of Birth: 08/06/1986

Graduated in “Geography and territorial processes” in 2007.

Alpine Guide since 2008.

International Mountain Guide since 2010.

Since 2011 founding member of Mountime (www.mountime.com), alpine guides' company based in Arco (TN).

“For me working as Mountain Guide means follow the seasons' flow, trying to catch the essence of adventure in the mountains. It's an amazing job, espacially if you live in the world's most wonderful region !!”

Special projects

2010: publication of the skitouring guide-book “Lagorai – scialpinismo d'avventura”, Tappeiner ed. (Italian and German versions)

2011: “DoloMitiche – masterpieces under the open sky®” , reportages about history of alpinism in Dolomites (with videos, photos, technical relations and articles).
Link: www.visittrentino.it/dolomitiche

2012: Wild White Winter ®, reportages about outdoor winter activities (freeride, skitouring, telemark, snowshoes and Ice climbing). Link: www.visittrentino.it/wild-white-winter

2013 : Cortina tra Croda e Sfarìa, short movie about alpinism around Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Experience in different activities :

Sportive climbing:
7c+ on sight, 8a+ redpointing.
Multipitch-routes all over the Alps (Dolomites, Sarca Valley, Mont Blanc, Orco Valley, Mello Valley, Swiss, Austria,…).

Repetitions of more than 300 classic routes in Dolomites.
Repetition of many of the most difficult modern routes in Dolomites, until difficult of IX°.
New routes in the Sarca Valley, Lagorai Massive, Brenta Massive, M.Civetta, M.Sassolungo...
until difficult of IX° (for example “Chimera verticale” and “Colonne d'Ercole” on the N-W Wall of M.Civetta)

Ice-climbing and e High Mountain:
Ice-climbing waterfalls all over the Alps.
New Ice and Dry-tooling routes in Dolomites (for example “la Bella Addormentata” (Valsugana, WI 6°+), “Le Meduse” ( Val Brenta, M7+, WI 6°), Argento Vivo (M.Civetta, M8 e A2, WI6°+, 5°+)
Many goulottes, couloirs and classic ridges in Western Alps (Mt.Blanc, Piz Bernina, Mt.Rosa..)

Backcountry ski & Freeride
Couloirs until 60° in Dolomites
(Canalone Neri, North face of the Presanella, North face of Marmolada, North face of Gran Vernel, many couloirs in the Sella massive…).

Skitouring trips all over the Alps (Delfinato Haute Route / Alti
Tauri Route / Lagorai Haute Route).

Extra-european trips:

Mali: climbing expedition in the Hombori area (Main de Fatma and other groups).
Algeria (3 expeditions): climbing in the Hoggar, Tesnou and Tefedest massive.
Trekking in the Hoggar's Tassili and in the Tefedest area.
Greenland: 15 days of trekking on glaciers of Schweizerland (east cost).
Canada: Ice-climbing in Alberta and British Columbia (Canadian Rockies).
New Zealand: Mountaineering in the Mt.Cook massive & Mt.Aspiring massive.
Japan: Freeride & Backcountry ski in Hokkaido.

Fabrizio Dellai
+39 328 8176254

It was probably the good fortune of being born in an area dominated by mountains that kindled the passion for mountaineering inside me. My name is Fabrizio, and ever since I was a boy I have always loved mountains, first as a playground, and then later as the setting for personal challenges and emotions.

A long succession of experiences in the mountains, with my first Alpine routes, ice climbs, and finally ski mountaineering, led me to transform this enthusiasm into something more than just a hobby.

As a result, in 2006 I passed through the selection process for Aspirant Guides and in 2010 completed qualification as a Mountain Guide.

Today I work full time as a guide and dedicate my free time to improving my own mountaineering experience. When I can dedicate some time to my own climbing, I particularly enjoy big walls, and rarely frequented areas, where I can put my physical and psychological stamina to the test.

Matteo Faletti
+39 349 4946609

I was born in Trento, a small Alpine city located in a strategic central position for quickly reaching the most famous Dolomite peaks as well as the sunny crags of Arco, and I have always appreciated the wonderful natural scenario that surrounds my home where I was fortunate enough to grow up.

Already as a young boy I was naturally curious and strongly attracted to everything that offered a flavor of adventure, savoring my first journeys on sun kissed pinnacles and snowy peaks, seeking on every trip to get into closer contact with these rock giants that permit you to test yourself not only physically, but also (and above all) from a human perspective, offering the rare opportunity to gain great insight into yourself and your climbing companions.

My great passion for living the mountains every day drew me inevitably towards my present profession: I became first a Mountain Guide and then a ski instructor.

Jiri Leskovjan
+39 333 8436924

My name is Jiri Leskovjan and I come from the Czech Republic, class of 1967. I started to frequent my local mountains as a child, skiing and walking with my father, later discovering rock climbing with friends and new places to visit.

After graduating in geology I started traveling the world to climb and ski, in particular in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South America, Nepal, India, and various others. After wandering and living abroad for a number of years, I returned to Europe to collaborate with an adventure travel agency, accompanying groups to the places that I had visited myself all around the world.

Since 2004 I have lived in Arco near Lake Garda, at the foot of the Dolomites, and since 2006 I have worked full time as a Mounting Guide. In 2011 I became a member of the MounTime group based at the Rock Master Climbing Stadium. I accompany people in the mountains for climbing, skiing, and I also organize trips abroad to uncover fresh adventure opportunities.

In my free time I enjoy myself with friends putting up new climbs and striving the live the mountain experience in all its different facets.

Marco Pellegrini - Pelle
+39 334 7734133

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